As part of my research and to help others access information about the Tutsi Genocide that took place in Rwanda in 1994, I’ve put together the following links to documents, documentaries, and other relevant websites:


Read Official Documents and Analyses of Documents:

The Rwanda Documents Project

International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda

Evidence of Inaction

Information, Intelligence and the U.S. Response

Assassination of the Presidents and the Beginning of the “Apocalypse”


Documentaries and Analyses:

Timeline of the Tutsi Genocide

Analyses, Lessons, and Interviews from Frontline

Watch “Ghosts of Rwanda” on Frontline Website

Watch “Ghosts of Rwanda” on YouTube

“The Few Who Stayed” transcript and audio by American RadioWorks


Additional Websites/Information:

Informational Posters (Available for Download)

Messages of Hope

Never Again Rwanda

Rwanda – 15th Commemoration of the Genocide

Kigali Memorial Centre

Official Website of the Republic of Rwanda

Genocide Intervention Network

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