Big Muddy Makes Recall Info Prominent

In New media, Product recall on July 1, 2009 at 9:33 am
Big Muddy Website

Big Muddy Website

Big Muddy recently recalled about 450 generators sold in Illinois and Missouri during May 2009. To help spread the word about the product recall, the company prominently displayed a recall notice and link on the main page of its website. Looking at the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Web Site Notification Guidelines, we see that Big Muddy provides an exemplary model for the first guideline…

“On the firm’s home page (or the first entry point to the firm’s web site) have a separate “button” or “icon” or “scrolling message” entitled Recall Safety Information to directly link the home page to a separate recall information page. Locate the “button”, “icon”, or “scrolling message” in a highly visible location on the home page or first entry point to the firm’s web page. Consumers should not have to scroll vertically or laterally on the home page, or otherwise search for the information on the recall.”

Additionally, once consumers click the link provided on the home page, they are directed to more detailed information that addresses *part* of the CPSC’s second guideline: “On the recall page, include only the product recall information and no sales or marketing information.”

Big Muddy Recall Page

Big Muddy Recall Page

Unfortunately, when we compare the wording in the online information to the official recall release wording, we see a few key points are missing on Big Muddy’s website, including phrases such as “cause power surges that can damage appliances” and “a risk of fire and possible injury to consumers.” In that sense, Big Muddy’s website does NOT completely address the CPSC’s second guideline in its entirety because it fails to “Include all text (verbatim) in the CPSC/Company joint press release.” It also does not display “a color photo of the recalled product” as described in the second guideline.

Despite not including the exact wording or even displaying the color photo that is available on the official CPSC’s recall release, Big Muddy does a good job of focusing only on the pertinent product recall information and providing corrective measures. Unlike many companies, Big Muddy does not insert comments aimed at repairing its image by promoting its safety record or, worse, by subtly denying the charges and confusing consumers–like Matrixx’s online recall of Zicam did recently.

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